This office must generally work hourly, at $290.00 per hour on most tasks. However, we can accomplish much in a Telephone Consultation at a modified rate, and some tasks may be undertaken on a Partial "Flat Fee" basis. Generally this means we will complete, for a set amount, a portion of the work necessary to complete a larger task (for instance, time and costs up to the date a trademark application is filed), and then work hourly thereafter. We also provide the following Estimated Costs based on our experiences in completing work of a similar nature in the past.

Telephone Consultation: $35.00 for first 20 minutes; $240.00/hr thereafter.

Partial "Flat Fee"

Attorney Fee
Official Fee
Trademark Application $650.00 $335.00 per class
Application After First (Same Mark) 350.00 335.00 per class
Statement of Use 250.00 100.00
Request for Extension of Time ("Extension Request") 150.00 150.00
Argument - Anticipation ("Likelihood of Confusion") * 0
Argument - Descriptiveness * 0
Advise PTO Action * 0
Receive Certificate and Advise 150.00 0
Patent Application * 395.00
Patent Issue 150.00 395.00
Claim Amendment * 0
Division 150.00 395.00
Disclosure Document 200.00 35.00
Advise PTO Action * 0
Receive Patent 150.00 0
PCT Application 450.00 1,600.00 **
National Stage Application (U.S.) 550.00 395.00
Copyright Application 400.00 30.00

* According to Time Required
** Assuming Designation of all PCT States

Estimated Costs

International Applications - While the cost of applications for registration vary considerably country to country, trademark owners may plan on approximately US$1,000.00 per mark per country per class.